Domestic Violence Remembered

Domestic violence can now be apart of your history. Whoo-hoo! The emotional abuse; however, will probably continue to affect you long after you have left your partner. It is important to understand what emotional abuse really is in domestic violence, in order to understand how to really overcome it.

Emotional abuse is any comment or judgement made upon you that makes you question who you are, and what you are thinking. Emotional abuse is one power dynamic the abuser will use on you, blindsiding you. Eventually you begin to really believe the comments, or gestures, and it can have a drastic effect on your mentality. I have been there too, and it does not feel very good. :(

Emotional abuse or psychological abuse are humiliating to anyone subjected to them, and now that you are seperated from the source which provided that abuse it may be time to allow for healing. When talking to others who are supportive about the abuse, it can be uncomfortable, and put your recovery on hold, and you sure deserve better than that.

I want to provide a space specific to survivors that will touch on necessary topics of recovery. I am an advocate, and also a survivor who has worked with many wonderful women through their emotional up's and down's.

This site will touch on legal services, support groups, housing, and many other necessary services for surviving women violence, and to be effective outside of the relationship.

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The New You
The New You blog is my mini-journal dedicated to subjects related to domestic violence and sexual assault recovery.

Domestic Violence Survivor
I am an advocate who is a domestic violence survivor, and can help you learn about areas available to you that your not aware of. Enjoy the site, and use it to better your situation. 

Get help through a hotline....
Asking for help and gaining assistance through your domestic violence situation..

Emergency accomodations while fleeing abuse
When fleeing domestic violence there is help available in terms of shelter, food and basic necessities. Emergency accommodations are usually available.

Legal Services
While accessing legal services as a victim or a survivor it is important to utilize a domestic violence or sexual assault legal advocate who can help you with emotional support and help.

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