Self Care

Using good self care habits can become a problem to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. So many responsibilities come into play that it becomes easy to dismiss ourselves as a priority. It is important to know that caring for yourself is an important part of practicing stress management. Getting pampered through a massage, or a soak in the tub can really make a difference in how you feel about yourself. Practicing this is good for both inside and outside the body.

Taking time out for yourself can remind you, and others that you and your needs are important. Taking care of your body can make you feel good about yourself, and shows others that you value yourself.

Those of us who neglect our own needs are in danger of becoming very unhappy, having low self-esteem, and of course in carrying of resentments. Sometimes, people who spend all their time caring for others can be at risk of getting burned out by all the giving, which makes it more difficult to care for others or themselves. Taking time to care for yourself regularly can make you a better caretaker for others.

Other Self Care Ideas

Create a healthy diet,Keeping a journal,Participate in daily exercise,Potting a plant,Taking a bath, Seeing a movie,Deep conditioning your hair and pores, Taking a walk, Caring for your feet, Gardening,Nourishing your skin, Enjoy a bus ride,Tending to your nails, Writing a letter,Getting a massage, Enjoying some tea,Getting enough sleep, Reading the paper,Reading a book, Meditate regularly,Getting a haircut, Calling a friend,Listen to your favorite music

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Kaleidoscope Art And Personal Wellness

"While you change the best way you look at issues,the stuff you have a look at change."-- Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning physicist

Have you ever ever looked into a kaleidoscope? Why are we intrigued by a tube filled with bits of mirror and glass?

For me a kaleidoscope is a logo of prospects and potential. The slightest movement brings an entire new image. I can stare for a very long time at a sure design that has been created, admiring the contrasts and the beauty. Or I would slowly roll the tube watching the shapes tumble over each other always altering and reinventing themselves into something new.

Completely different elements of our lives, sure individuals, certain thoughts, sure beliefs - hold better and lesser significance at completely different times. Like the bits of glass within the kaleidoscope they could tumble in and out of our line of vision and subsequently in and out of our consciousness.

Whatever you place your attention on you create more of. In case you are unhappy with the best way something in your life is going, the more you put your consideration on what you do not like... the more it persists. Strive altering the way in which you look at it. Strive focusing your consideration on what you do need as a substitute of what you do not want. You may see the scenario completely in a different way by a small turn of the kaleidoscope. The items can fall into a complete new pattern.

If you are looking at a scenario and can't quite see how it can work or how you can make it turn out to be a reality, keep in mind the kaleidoscope. All of the items are there all along, what it's good to create the brand new imaginative and prescient is inside you. It could merely require looking at it in a brand new way.

In Janet Attwood's Passion Test she states there are three steps to altering or acquiring anything. Intention - Attention - No Tension. She describes this as first getting clear on what it is you need - watch out here to not get caught in being clear on what you do not want. Then to position your attention on what it is you need, visualize it. Keep your need in the forefront by writing it out and inserting it someplace you will note it daily. I consider that an necessary a part of visualization is the emotion you attach to it. How will you are feeling when you may have your desire fulfilled? And then let it go- No Tension. In case you are consistently perseverating on what you want, you are not dwelling within the present. This goes along with Mike Dooley's suggestion as effectively to visualise for not more than 5 or ten minutes per day on your wishes then release them.

Go about residing within the now, understanding that the Kaleidoscope of Life is tumbling the entire little pieces into place to create the magnificent pattern that's your destiny.

"Life isn't a problem to be solved but a thriller to be lived." -- Alexander Pope

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