Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Do you feel manipulated and suffocated in your relationship? Is there emotional abuse in your relationship? Do you fear your partner? Unclear how to deal with your partner? Do not worry. You are not alone and there are plenty of men/women who are concerned in their relationships. The question you should ask yourself is if is your partner is being emotionally abusive?

If you are facing emotional abuse, you should not suffer like this and, should get out of these negative relationships. If your partner's behavior seems explosive to you, and, he/she is trying to change you, you will see red flags. But, at first, you need to be sure of what's going on. If you are feeling confused by your partner, you should watch out for signs, to find out the answer to the question, is my partner emotionally abusive, or not?

Here are some criteria that indicate that your partner is physically abusive. If you notice these things in him/her, you should seriously reconsider being in this relationship:

• Controlling nature: If your partner is always trying to control your life, you should be alert. A person, who has abusive tendencies, will try to control every aspect of your life. He/She will try to determine how you behave, where you go, what you do, etc. They might even try to control your money, who you can spend time with, etc. In short, if your partner treats you as if you are their personal property, you should start asking yourself, is he/she emotionally abusive?

• Brainwashing tendency: An emotional abuser will try to change you according to their preference. They will try to model you around their convenience and won't have any respect for your own choice and decisions. They won't accept you for who you are and might have a set of expectations for you. If you do not meet his/her expectations and do not listen to them, he/she will be rude and mean to you.

• Bad temper: If he/she is abusive, your partner will lose their temper very easily. They will snap at you and abuse you verbally at the slightest of provocations. They will vent their frustrations on you and will insult you unnecessarily.

• Low self esteem: He/She will have low self esteem and will be extremely insecure. These sorts of people are extremely jealous and possessive and expect their partners to be completely submissive to them. They think that the level of their masculinity is reflected by the submissiveness of their partners.

• Multiple personalities: A person who is an emotional abuser is not necessarily abusive all the time. Otherwise, you would not have been attracted to them in the first place. They switch from being really nice to really mean. Their behavioral traits are completely unpredictable and, they might charm you off your feet in one moment, and might do something hateful in the next moment.

• Passing the blame: If your partner has a tendency of making you responsible for their problems and mistakes, then, you have found the answer to the determining question, is my partner emotionally abusive? If he/she blames you for their drinking problem, or, is constantly in denial about their personal issues, he/she is definitely abusive. These people never accept their mistakes and the fact that they need counseling and medical help.

Once you are sure about whether your partner is emotionally abusive or not, you can decide either to walk away from the strenuous relationship, or, to stand by and help encourage change.

Emotional abuse is the most common and most damaging kind of abuse but it is often down played, if you reach out for help, people will often wonder what all the fuss is about. People who have suffered physical or sexual abuse tend to report that it was the emotional abuse that caused the most damage. This is because emotional abuse cuts you to your very core, it wears away at your self-confidence, self-worth and even your trust in yourself.

Emotional Abuse

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