Second Stage Housing Program

We have a 6 bedroom shared housing opportunity set up in an area where our residents will experience all 4 seasons. This is a second stage housing opportunity for those affected by domestic violence and will accept single women, and women with children. Residents will have many recreational activities to do outside the home, and many classes and opportunities inside the home that will only help them to gain a stronger foundation into getting permanent housing.

The New You program will be provided on site and any and all residents who wish to participate will learn:

1.) About Domestic Violence and EmpowermentClasses and presentations will be provided for our residents by trained professionals on many topics related to awareness.

2.) How to be your own best advocateOur residents will learn daily how to ask for what they want through assertiveness, and support

3.) How to cook and cleanKitchen presentations will be provided for residents to learn and teach about cooking. Whether they teach each other how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or how to make their favorite dish. Residents will learn valuable skills in the kitchen that will only prove to bond friendships with each other and their kids,and help them in their parenting. Cleaning techniques will be taught through chores and guidance.

4.) Offsite visitationsResidents will learn about necessary programs offsite by visiting the agencies with house advocates. Such things as the courtroom hearings. The local senators office, commissioners office and help women understand their right to vote and to be heard.

5.) Onsite visitationsOutside programs will visit the house to help teach women the important programs their agencies have to offer. Such programs are: Housing Authority, Work First and Work Source, Unemployment, NAMI, and the list goes on and on.

6.)Mommy and Me playdatesOur moms will have fun times with kids provided by house advocates and volunteers. This can be cookie baking, pizza parties and age appropriate movies with good conversation and fun games to help the bonding between mom and child during such hard times for children living in a shared housing environment. Advocates are available to support mom and her parenting, and not to do the parenting.

7.) Building A Credit Reference for More Permanent Housing

8.) Singles ARE WELCOME TOO! We understand at THe Trinity Assignments, that finding housing specific to single women can be most difficult, and we will welcome you.

There are so many things to list, but there are more, and there will be much more as time and funding is made available.

This is where we need your help. If you would like to show your support for "Jennasy's Place", you can make a contribution online with our widget, or at any Bank Of America through The Trinity Assignments, LLC. Let us know how best to help you help us, so we can make this house happen as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support,