Womens Shelter Services

Women s shelters are available for those fleeing their abuser.. as advocates, we work with her and ask questions to determine if staying in her own home is something she wants to do. If she wants to, but it is not safe - we can try to problem solve with her around it.

We may screen her to come into the shelter if that is what she would like and qualifies for after other options have been determined as not available to meet her needs. She may come in for a brief period, long enough for us to help her get a temporary protection order against her abuser, and then safety plan around going back to live in her home. She might come in and decide to leave the state. It is up to her.

These shelters are considered temporary housing, and can be used for someone who also is planning on relocating to another area. An area she wants to go to start life over again. This is a short term stay while she figures out what is best for her and her children. Lengths of stay will vary depending on the state, and the agency providing the service.

This stay is also determined by how the resident is doing in the program. Beds in these programs are limited, and it is important that space is available for high risk women and children, so transitioning families as their level of risk decreases is sometimes necessary.

If someone comes into the womens shelter who is not meeting the program requirements then advocates will help transition her to a more suitable program that can meet her needs. Domestic violence shelter's are providing a service to those usually in emergency. It depends on the agency providing the stay.

Men are victims/survivors too, and although advocates may not have a temporary housing program to meet their needs, advocates can provide other services. Such services would be the emergency hotel stay, or use of the transportation services available. As any other victim he will need to be screened for these services. Advocates can also provide valuable resources to him from outside community programs as they would for any female victim/survivor.

Below will get you in touch with women's shelter programs in your state and country.

Womens Shelter Programs In The United States

Womens Shelter Programs World Wide

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