Do you have a dream plan?

by Jenna
(Seattle, WA, USA)

I do. I work with women everyday who I feel I can relate to in many ways. Not only can I empathize with them, but I can say I have walked along similar paths as they have. I am blessed to meet them, each and every one as each one brings something new to the table for me.

My dream plan is to fill this site with the thoughts of others survivors, and build support systems in places where others wouldn't see possible.

Resulting, in all of our voices being heard and being their for others who have suffered similar fears, pains, and traumas we have, and knowing we can support each other in our future's away from the abuse.

I am excited to hear your plans!


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Oct 24, 2015
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Sep 15, 2015
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Jun 22, 2015
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Jun 21, 2010
Great Post!
by: Pat

One thing a lot of women in DV shelters benefit from is help disciplining their kids appropriately. They're ambivalent about it because their abuser went too far or because they don't know how to discipline without yelling or threatening. They help each other a lot but some still hate to apply the normal "time out", early to bed, removal of priviledges, etc. I understand why, but kids thrive when Mom is in charge. Up with women!

May 28, 2010
A Plan Of Action
by: Jenna

When I work with women in the shelter program, I believe that it is very important to provide a service that can forever plant seeds, and imprint their lives.

Once we have her safe, and she has some time to gather her strength again, I like to provide education around reminding her that support exists in places that she may not be familiar with.

When someone is isolated, and their support systems have disappeared whether intentionally or otherwise, it makes their experiences worse when they have a limited stay in a shelter program, and feel that they are alone.

I want to bring to them unlimited opportunities. Anybody and everybody who can make a difference in her future recovery as a survivor is offered to her. Whether in person, or as a resource.

I bring programs into them. Programs such as:

1.) Mary Kay

I bring in Mary Kay the last week of every month to help the women learn how to apply makeup. Mary Kay Independant Business Owners donate makeup and facial cleansing supplies to the shelter residents. This helps the women to learn and practice self care. I like to devote that week on self care ideas for them It makes a difference that they feel good about themselves, during this traumatizing time in their life.

2.) Work Source

I have brought work source into the shelter to teach the women about their programs. The women learn how to navigate this program, so they can locate jobs and help in creating their resumes.

3.) The Housing Authority

The women should have access to affordable housing opportunities, and the best way for them to gain access is to learn from the housing authority employees themselves. So bringing them into the shelter is important.

4.) Political Leaders

The women should have access to their local, state and federal government officials. It is important for their futures to understand how to access the people who work hard to help make funding available in all areas of their lives. Bringing these leaders into the shelter helps the women learn about this untapped part of their worlds.

5.) Education

Learning important information about domestic violence and sexual assault is important in their recoveries today. For those few who choose to go back to their abuser, it can prove to help them when they are ready to leave for good. For those, who do not go back, it is very good education they can use in the future. It benefits everybody to be educated in these areas.

I will add to this later. If anyone has any ideas they would like to see in shelters, please feel free to share them!



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