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Oct 23, 2015
True information is shared NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jun 13, 2010
Parents' Influence
by: Pat

You're so right! We do take in our parents' beliefs because we love them. At least your dad's beliefs were kind ones. Unfortunately, kids also pick up the beliefs of abusive parents and makes them likely to fall in love with an abusive person or to become one. I work with kids 3-teenagers as a volunteer in a domestic violence shelter. You'd be surprised how young kids pick up gender status, solving problems physically, and manipulation of others. All kids struggle with these issues, but kids from violent homes become good at the above problems very early--age 3 or 4 in my experience.

There are some, though, whose moms have talked with them after frightening incidents and put the blame where it belongs. This does help them to adopt a more realistic or questioning stance.


May 27, 2010
Your broken picker!
by: Jenna

The famous picker seems to break pretty often amongst our communities. I am very glad you chose to share with us, and I look forward to learning about how you escaped. I will be checking in for your post.


May 18, 2010
My picker? Oh, that was the problem!
by: Jaime

I agree that it is hard to tell family memebrs for some people due to pride. My family really liked my abuser, and even when I tried to tell them how wrong the relationship was, they were there for me until he came around again. Then it was like they forgot all about what I shared with them in the first place!

At least you put your foot down when your child was noticeably affected by him.

Good for you!

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