I am a survivor and just starting my work trying to help others.

by Amber Galloway
(Fulton, MO USA)

I am not ashamed anymore, but I was for a long time. I thought oh gosh, if they only knew what really goes on behind closed doors they will think I am the stupidest person they ever met.

If I can reach more women by being bluntly honest then that makes it worth it. We both know how hard it is to get out and I know that's why most wait until it gets to the point of actually being scared of how much they can hurt you.

My breaking point was having whiplash and not being able to keep my head up for almost 2 days. I knew that he was getting worse. The last time he beat me I knew he wasn't drunk and that was it. I was done. I had kicked him out and taken him back but I knew after that I would never let him come home again.

~from a story I shared with my friend today,

Amber Galloway

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