My Domestic Violence and Advice Blogg link :-)

by A.J

I have walked from the darkest places and have taken the steps to gain all which I needed to walk into the light, and regain my life and freedom. I have fought to bring my kids up in a safe loving place and have lived to help others and so many more. :-)

All is possible if you believe in you and life it's self. :-) This site and my site, ( follow my blogg link), and all of our friends on both this and my site and the links on both :-) are living proof that their is, and are ways out and people who do care.
People are their for you, and will reach out to help you in any way possible. :-)

You have to take the steps to be strong and to believe. :-) You can do it, you can't change the past, but you can change what lay ahead and with all which you have and all which you are, take it and walk into the light. :-)

I was lucky I did live to tell my life story, many others have not and have paid a gr8t price and their kids and family are sadder and in pain of losing their special person in their life.

I did come close by my husbands hands around my thoat, and near took all my breath from me, and the beatings in his anger and mental abuse. I nearly lost my un-born child @ 10 weeks along in the early hours. :-(

After him coming in from drinking with his mate, demanding sex and because I wouldn't, he exploded in anger ( like all the other times,) and attacked me, and kicked me in the stomach with such force. :-(

I was thrown against the wall, out of bed, through tears and fear of further beating, I said I'd call the police again. To my shock he left and through tears and my heart sobbing, clinging to my painful and sore belly, @ some point I fell asleep exhausted with the pain and sobbing and also so very scared of losing my baby inside me, lucky I didn't bleed, and today my Curt is a happy little man, 3 in November 2010.

I stood strong and for my other 3 kids stood strong and broke free, it was hard but I had did what I had too, and I have never looked back.

This is just a snip of my 18 years together and over 3 years in the light and the light shines brighter every day and second :-) more and more and more and we are all here 4 you as well :-)

I stood strong, and so have many others and have taken nothing and walked into the night with just what they stood in and just their kids and that is such a brave and powerful thing, and you can do it too :-)

Please, if you have been effected with domestic violence or abuse, please take the steps, I had all forms from rape, forced sex and beatings and hit, the mental, controling behaviour etc etc

So I like all other's can understand what you are going through :-) so please seek help and the number's that are there, no one will judge you, and all is safe and respect confidence :-)

Use the links and numbers because we are hear for you! :-) hugs n luv's and please there is a way out :-)

A J with smiles xoxox

My Domestic Violence and Advice Blogg link :-) from my site (useful information with gr8t links to other sites!) You can also find my link under the Supporting Women tab, on this site.

Stop Domestic Violence walk from the Dark to the light :-)

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