My Story

by LeeAnn

I was in a relationship for 4 yrs. The man I was with was everything I could hope for. He was greatly involved with my children and treated them as his own.

Our relationship was like a dream come true. We NEVER fought or argued. He always did things with my children, helped them with school work, and taught them many things about the outdoors.

He even went to my ex-husband and made him come to see the children, bought food for them to take on visits to their dads,and encouraged him to be in their lives.

I thought I had finally found the man I would spend the rest of my life with. Boy was I wrong.

On May 24,2004, I almost died. The day was a normal one. We both worked second shift and as usual I dropped him off at his mother's house, as his job was near her. I then drove to my job. Around 7 pm his mother called me and asked if I was comming there after work as he had told her to call me and have me meet him there.

I arrived at his mothers at 11:30pm. By 12:00 I was wondering where he was and called the guy he rode with. He put my boyfriend on the phone and he apologized and told me to go home, that he was involved with something.

I drove home. At around 3am I heard a bang. When I woke up I felt what I thought was water on my forehead. When I reached for the bedtable light I saw blood all over my hand, and he was at the foot of the bed with a shotgun in his hands.

I asked him what was going on and he said "Your going to die." His eyes almost looked black. I tried to get by him and out the door but he hit me so hard in the face that I fell into the hallway. He reached down, grabbed me by the hair, and hit me again, he then kicked me and I started falling down the stairs.

He grabbed me on the landing and pushed my face through the window, then drug me down the stairs. When I looked into the dining room I saw all our guns laid out, rope, knives and tape. He threw me to the floor, taped my hands behind my back, and started kicking me and hitting me with a long barrel rifle. I kept asking him what I did, he never answered just kept mumbling. I went in and out of consciousness, and remembered looking at the clock and seeing it was 11:00am.

He had been beating me for 8 hours. I then realized I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the barrel of the gun and told him to please kill me, but to get rid of my body and not to let my kids see me. Whatever that did he stopped and told me to go get ready for work. After I showered I looked in the mirror, my face was unrecognizable.

He entered the bathroom, saw me, and asked what happened to my face. Then he laughed and forced me to have sex with him. When he was done he passed out. I was so scared I crept out of the house, drifted my car to the end of the driveway, slumped down behind the wheel, and pushed the gas pedal to the floor.

In my mind he was in the window with a gun pointed at me. I drove to work, when I pulled in, I fell out of the car. My co-workers got me to the ER. He was on the run for 2 weeks, when he turned himself in he received 72 hours in jail for aggravated assault.

I had to leave my home, and family behind. It has been 6 yrs and still I cannot go home. I am afraid he will find me. He has told people when he does find me, he will finish the job.

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