DVU- Physical Abuse

Is it time to walk out of the relationship? Is there physical abuse?

There is nothing worse than being in a toxic relationship. A relationship that is one-sided and that you can find yourself being thrust into a corner without any way to defend yourself.

But for others, it is very difficult to walk out of a relationship because there is the possibility that your partner might not be ready to let you go yet, or all your fears come to the surface, and it may be easier to stay than be homeless.

The first step to take is to identify that you are inside a toxic relationship.

When a relationship becomes one-sided, the problems that a couple face becomes the victim's own sole problem. Your abusive partner does not care for your opinion. In most cases, you may have created the problem, in their eyes. So, by recognizing that you are indeed in a situation where you need to walk out, you want to have a solid plan of action. A safety plan, and if you don't leave immediately, you leave very quietly to avoid escalation.

Every problem a couple faces should be solved together. When this does not happen, this should be a red flag. There is nothing wrong with sharing your burden to your partner and if your partner does not want to, then the time has come to consider walking out quietly before it escalates. When there is physical abuse, there is help for you.

If your not quiet, your abusive partner will likely try to compromise with you but will only be doing this to protect their best interest. This can definitely lead to physical abuse.

Try to stay away from your partners friends too. The thing about this kind of relationship is that he will try to reach out to his friends for help in getting you back. They may feel sorry for him, and want to help him. Especially, if they never witnessed his abuse.

By contacting advocates you can get a good safety plan in place, and make arrangements for short term shelter services where you can begin to identify where you want to go from there. Advocates can help get you relocates to family, or another area, IF that is what you want.

It is not unusual for the victims to come into a shelter program and panic because they don't know where to go, and they go back to their relationship out of fear.

Advocates can help prepare a solid safety plan, so if you choose to go back you will have a solid plan of action to follow, and a plan of action to follow so when you leave again, it is likely for good.

If you need assistance in building a solid safety plan, and plan of action contact us today.

Physical Abuse

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