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Those who escape domestic violence and sexual assault are located all across the globe. We would like to hear from you! Maybe, your farther along in your recovery then other's and may think " story? Nobody would be interested in that!" Maybe, you are someone who needs to escape, or knows someone else who needs help, and are looking for ideas from other survivors to help.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear about how other's were able to break free from their partner or perpetrator's, so we can validate them. Wouldn't it also be nice to share your own personal experiences as to how you personally got out, and how you have survived since then?

Everyone can learn from each other's experiences, and inexperiences. Some really good ideas can be generated through those who choose to share. :)

Consider sharing with us. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others by sharing stories. Maybe, a part of your safety plan could help plant a seed in someone else. Maybe, there was an advocate who helped make a difference for you. What did the advocate do that made that significant impression on you?


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Have You Been Here Before?

What tip's do you have around helping others through this?

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Court - The County Made Me Do It! Not rated yet
Lonnie arrived to sentencing, in street clothes when I expected him to be in an orange jumper. The judge was not able to sentence Lonnie because he did …

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