July, 2009

by A Mother, An Advocate

After I knew he was released. I began to learn so much more about what he had done to my daughter. I was a very angry mother who had the fire burned under my bottom to see to it that this perpetrator did no harm to anyone else.

I drove by his place of employment on my way to work one morning. I still had very limited information, but one piece I did have was that he had my daughter at his place of employment where he hurt her. It was in a home, on the property owned by the same owner as "GTF".

I drove into the establishment and noticed a sign they had in their window that showed a picture of a child in a car seat. The sign said "Trust what you love to the Tire Factory." I was infuriated!

I called the owner of the tire factory and asked him kindly to take the picture out of his window until this case completed. Gary stated to me that he would not take the picture out of the window because he believes his employee is innocent.

I was driven to contact the detective and prosecutor on the case, but not without contacting The Tire Factory Corporation and asking for their assistance in getting this picture out of the window.

Shortly after I contacted my contacts the picture was removed from the window. Now that he is out of jail I learned that not only is he still working at this establishment, but he is supposed to be living with his employer at this time.

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