A Trial For A Criminal SA Case

I have been preparing for a criminal sa trial. Today, July 7th, 2010 at 8:30 am my daughters perpetrator and his attorney had to go to court for a status hearing on his upcoming court date to meet the jury of his peers. He is looking at prison time. A lot of it. A status hearing is when both sides go up in front of the judge to determine if both sides are ready to proceed. I will not know if trial begins on Monday until 4pm today.

As an advocate, who helps her community when it comes to domestic violence and sexual assault I have been very surprised to see the lack of support for criminal cases. It is not that the prosecutors office does not want to help, but when you have one victims advocate for all these child sexual assault cases it makes it hard on the advocate to be available as you would like.

We have spent the past year waiting for justice, and our one year mark will be July 15th. It was July 15th of 2009 that our lives changed forever.

To find out that my child was introduced to an adult male who was 21 years older than her, and that he groomed her to such a degree that even I was blindsided, really ticked me off.

My daughters are my world, and although I knew something was going on with her. I never would have imagined that she was in a relationship with this person. Someone I never met.

Now his time for freedom is coming to an end. As soon as he faces a jury of his peers then we can close this chapter of our lives, and move forward.

The lack of support has us meeting with our legislatures and senator this month. I will also be meeting with judicial consultants, education committee members, and public safety members, to learn how the county can improve their services.

Below you will learn about our story. How someone could be so selfish, and take advantage of a young girl changing her life forever.

Criminal Trials - Protection Orders

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