The Perpetrator Changed His Plea Last Minute...Part 3

by A Mother, An Advocate

I attended every court calendar that he was on. I taught myself about the system because this was MY little girl he chose to do this to. I wanted to be prepared for everything.

I went and watched his attorney in a trial. It was for someone accused of sexually assaulting two women who were unable to consent. I then went and watched the prosecutor in two of her trials. Both of those trials were for young female victims, and the perpetrator was their mothers boyfriends. I learned about the jury selection, and the importance of the jury having private interviews if they had any history with sexual assault.

I began to notice that although support and advocacy is available to those involved in a criminal sexual assault trial, their was only one advocate for the whole special victims team. Although, she is responsible to help she can only do so much.

I was so disturbed that my daughters perpetrator was walking the streets, and working close to two high schools and the community was okay with this. At least the legal system was, I should say because the community was not aware of it. But, we were. We knew he was there, and that he was working with all these people who were unaware of his charges.

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Jul 20, 2010
You'd Be Surprised...
by: Pat many judges, lawyers, social workers, etc. are manipulated by slimes like this. There is an incredible need for TRAINING for professionals who deal with victims. My state is now training those in the legal system but I don't know how widespread this training is. Some school systems are training school personnel, esp. those involved with teens but the effort is expensive and the cost high. Let's hope these beginning steps increase and improve.

I hope your daughter will be all right eventually.
You, too.

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