July, 2010..He pleads guilty to all 6 counts.....

by Me
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We should be jumping for joy, but no his choice to plead guilty at the last minute comes with a cost. He is all about saving himself. By pleading guilty to these counts he gets a commitment from the prosecutor to a maximum of 5 years, and an opportunity to be evaluated for the SOSSA program. (Sex Offender Special Sentencing Alternative) this is a program where he will have to take a lie detector test, do a psycho sexual examination, admit to what hes done, and be honest about his sexual history.

A weight has definitely been lifted from our shoulders now that he has admitted to what he has done, but as we learn through later notifications, Mr. Clark turns around and claims that he is the victim of circumstance.

Today, is August 12th, 2010 and is supposed to be his sentencing date. Unfortunately, his defense attorney plans on going in to court and asking for a continuance. It appears that the SOSSA evaluation has not arrived yet, and the attorney wants to use that as leverage to continue this case.

I think there is only one main reason why this evaluation has not been received yet, and that is because Mr. Clark likely has flunked it. One way to flunk it, is not only being deceptive on the lie detector test, but not being remorseful for what you have done.

Sentencing is at 10:30 am today, and both the prosecution and defense will argue their reasons to continue the sentencing date or not, and I will be there to ask the courts to end this today, and put the puppet master away, today.

I will let you know how this goes when I get home today.

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Aug 13, 2010
Hope You're Right...
by: Pat

Because if you are, he should get the max sentence and more.

Keep on fighting the good fight. Otherwise, he'll be free soon enough to hurt others like he's hurt you. Who needs that?

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